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venice california . this is chip sitting on santa's lap. >> this is from arnie. he is little one with two brotherings back in 1954 . >> and this is harrison. back in 1965. they don't look too happy. >> i love the tincell on the tree. you can tweet them to us . send it to fox >> have a great day, we'll see you later. "fox and friends" starts right now. bye. >> >> gretchen: good morning, everyone. i am gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your susan rice wants out. she asked not to be considered for secretary of state.
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that will push her involvement in libya right under the rug. >> steve: parents pleading for help. the united states government is joining the fight. can they fro our marine from mokesco. that's straight ahead ? >> brian: a high school basketball team lose by 105 poigns . other than the parents want to know why that was allowed to happen. tough love or basketball beat down. they definitely lost. "fox and friends" starts right now. >> i want to wish everybody happy hanukkah and happy christmas and go giants. mr. #1: yeah, there is scotty. >> brian: why are you taking sides, scott ? you just want all times to play well, right. >> gretchen: no, he doesn't. he is not a fair weather fan. i like that. he has conviction and says
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what he thinks. >> brian: those superbowl championships, you are walking. >> gretchen: scott happens to be a fantastic singer and dancer. >> steve: he is. >> brian: that scott. >> gretchen: that scott, right there . i am glad he's on my camera. >> brian: have you actually seen evidence . ♪ before -- >> gretchen: i told you. you got to know your camera guys. >> brian: we know them. >> steve: that was scott. >> gretchen: ian put him out of focus again. >> brian: ian. for a change put me in focus. >> gretchen: our christmas party is coming up and we'll all be out of focus. >> brian: ian according to reports will not be going.
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>> gretchen: why ? >> it is hanukkah. >> steve: he has a conflict. we'll start about this. are we speaking of focus it is becoming clearer, susab rice will not be our next secretary of state. >> brian: i would like to with draw mine as well. >> steve: she said essentially the administration can't afford a fight over benghazi. the big question is, did she fall on her sword or did the white house hand her one. clearly she was thrown under the bus. >> gretchen: this is what she wrote on september 16th when secretary of state was unavailable after a grueling week, the white house asked me to appear on five sunday talk shows. i relied on fully cleared unclassified points provided by the intelligence committee.
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the unclassified points were consistent with the classified assessments, i received. first of all was hillary clinton really not available or did she say she didn't want to go tell something that was not the truth. as katherine heritage, un ambassador rice had access to the pdp. presidential daily briefing before she went out on the talk show and talked about the fact that it was probably a terrorist attack. >> brian: charles krauthammer said now that rice is out and the president decided not to fight the fight here. it mines the end of pursuing the truth with the benghazi attack. >> clearly had she been nominated the benghazi scandal would be on the front page. i think it will die now in the
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main stream media. they have no interest in the story. i think he would rather have had her and he had yielded . her consolation will be he will make her national advisor and that does not require the asset -- ascent of the senate. >> steve: when you look at her record on syria and africa, it was not good. maureen dowd said rice is too automaticbitious and unprincipled. dana milbank said her attitude was a problem . hillary clinton begin the choice between john kerry and susan rice. said i would rather have john kerry.
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he can talk for hours and not say anything and speaks french. >> gretchen: i was doing studio b . and he was probably uncorking the champagne. there is supposedly a report on benghazi coming out. usually they make the announcements on friday. could it be the report is coming out today as the friday release or sometime soon? will that mean hillary clinton will not testify on december 20th if she wants to run for president, and moderate republican susan collins, the senator, maybe she was the final nail in the coffin. when she came out and said she still had questions. if moderate republicans would not say yes, it was over. >> brian: i don't agree with charles krauthammer.
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i - a lot of nave i seals and military people want to know why they were sacrificed. an drea mitchell has a staggering review what this means for republicans that ambassador rice was not nominated. >> i think it was an impossible challenge for her to be confirmed and the white house knew that. they know they are on good political solid ground and this will not help republicans at all the fact that a woman of color was forced out of the confirmation process before she was nominated. >> gretchen: her race has nothing to do with it or her gender. we have had madelyne albright and condoleezza rice who fits both of the criteria. >> steve: nominated by the republican. >> gretchen: we have had hillary clinton. who was the last male
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secretary of state ? >> brian: colin powell . for everybody to see race and gender in this is incredible. that has nothing to do with it and that the fact people are looking for that as a political plus or minus. where are we at with race relations in this country ? it seems like we are back in 1960. >> steve: it could be good news for howard school brown who was beaten in the election . if there is a special election to replace john kerry if he becomes secretary of state, scott brown would be a shoe in. >> brian: he hit the ground running. >> steve: and one other wrinkle for scott brown. uval patrick is not going to run for reelection . if not senate maybe governor.
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>> gretchen: i thought he was going to do more spreads for gq. >> steve: he did a naked shot. >> brian: just to make end's meet. >> gretchen: when he was young and he was an attractive >> brian: we have all done naked photographs at one poign. >> gretchen: no, no, no. i have not. we'll set the record straight now, i have not. if he is not answering the question. >> steve: i don't remember money exchanging hands with that picture. >> gretchen: this is for the after the show, show. >> brian: long way to go before that. >> gretchen: maybe for the christmas party. fox news alert, the united states ramping up its involvement in the crisis in syria. leon paneta signing off on sending two patriot missiles and troops to turkey to beef up the country's defense under syria attack. the missiles will be under
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nato control. washington sets up the insurance exchangings under obama care. so far 23 states opted out meaning that the federal government will have to run it for them. 19 will have state run exchanges and six plan on partnering with the fids and virginia and florida are the only two states that have not made a decision. we are 18 days from going over the fiscal cliff and president and john boehner hard at work to avirt a disaster. they met at the white house for 50 minutes. neither side would go in details, but the mighting came hours after speaker boehner critized the president for an unwillingness to compromise. >> the president promised the american people a balanced
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approach, his proposals are anything but. he wants far more in tax hikes than spending cuts. boehner said talks were doing great. do you feel the need for speed ? that is forevermore wwe wrestler. u.s. navy let him take a ride in the fighter jet for the annual tribute for the troops. how fast did he g. he went 900 miles per hour. don't worry. they made him go through training. i wonder if he had the barf bad. >> brian: it is impossible to go through and not throw up ? >> steve: it happens a lompt
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-- lot. >> brian: if you had taken a flight that fast. >> steve: in a airplane. 11 minutes after the hour. he faced down iraqi insurgents but the treatment in prisons had the family terrified. >> gretchen: no christmas concert, kids. how about an anti-bullying speech, instead that story. i don't know. ♪ ♪ years ago, my doctor told me to take a centrum silver multivitamin every day. i told him, sure. can't hurt, right? then i heard this news about a multivitamin study looking at long-term health benefits for men over 50.
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afghanistan wars only to fine himself jail would in a mexican prison. he decided to take a vacation and he was jailed for possessing a registered weapon. he was targets of threat and extortion by cartel members looking to make a profit. despite the difficult ordeal he is showing incredible strength. >> we gave him a phone number of someone to call. if something happens and we can't get there and take hours to get there, we had made arrangements for machine to pick tup. he wrote it in my bible. they may not let you take anything out . he they are not taking my bible. he's hanging and he's tough. >> gretchen: and now a congresswoman stepped in to help the family bring john
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home. congresswoman thank you for getting up early. i know you are working with the family and i interviewed his mother the other day . her first brew nationally and she was scared and came to you for help. what can you do ? >> it is it a tricky situation for the family. as you pointed out. he's been incarcerated since august for a technical nothing crime. he tried to do the right thing. he asked our u.s. custom and border agents, can i bring the firearm in to mexico. they photographed it and measured it and weighed it and said fill out the forms and he was in the mexican authority office when he was jailed when he was trying to reg i felter his woman. the family has been low key and working through many mexican attorneys that they hired to try to get their son
3:18 am
free and after mongs, they have got no action and so they decided to take the gamble and go public . boy, this story took off . we contacted the state department and our ambassador, you name it and president obama, janet naacp, we have reached out to everyone and thanks to our colleagues in congress. 30 minutes co-stined letters to naacp and clinton,ing -- napal tanio to bring him home. >> gretchen: it is not like the taliban has him. this is commexco and i understand the drug cartels are in charge of the prisons there. don't we have good enough relations to get him home. >> you would think so especially with a brand new president taking over . we have supposedly good relations with our neighbors. they also lecture us about how
3:19 am
badly we treat illegal immigrants which is burch of a balony and yet they have an american hoar incarcerated. he is chained to his bed. this is told to me by mexican authorities. why ? they had to take him out of the general population after the extortions and beatings. they have him in an area away from the general population. they have to chain this marine to the bed to make sure he will not escape. it is unbelievable that the mexican government is not stepping in to help us while they take our money and help we give them . incredible our own u.s. government is not doing all we can to bring hammer home for chris nas. he's done nothing wrong. >> gretchen: sounds like you are frustrated with our own government, am i getting that
3:20 am
correct ? >> i don't want to be what jean kirpatrick who is blame the american. of course it is the mexican government at fault. but the u.s. government has to say we are not going to give you a status update on john hammer, we are going to lobby for his release and get him and if they want to go through a trial, that is fine. bond him out. he suffered with post traumatic stress and served in iraq and afghanistan and got out of a clinic to deal with stress and now he finds himself. it is unfair and unjust. we'll keep on fighting. we'll make it happen. >> gretchen: thanks for your efforts and thank you for getting up early. >> i appreciate it >> gretchen: i just talked about the taliban, right. the taliban's mission to kill americans, whyure our troops
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told to be nice to them. then it is it a christmas trytree like you have never seen before. ♪ all right. it is it a violinist, look at 150 kids stuffed in a tree. amazing, that story is next. ♪ i'm doing my own sleep study. advil pm® or tylenol pm. the advil pm® guy is spending less time lying awake with annoying aches and pains and more time asleep. advil pm®. the difference is a better night's sleep. your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil. potato with bacon. we've got a lotta empty cans.
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>> steve: we have quick head lines for you this morning. could jenny rivera avoided she made a last minute decision to take the deadly plane ride. she was offered a room for the
3:25 am
night but instead decide tod fly. a new draft of the army hand book is telling our soldiers to be nice to them. our top commander general allen is not happy and refuses to endorse the book. >> gretchen: people are trying to erase christmas from our culture . but one church is got people singing from the branches. here's more. this is a perfect store store for you, tod tod. you like to keep christmas alive as limp it is memp istense tense memphis is known for elvis presley and queue queue on the planet and an unusual christmas tree. check it out. the reputation for dog big
3:26 am
thingings . they have three big crosses and a big bible verse and a big congregation and a big chrisa mas tree. ♪ >> it is 44 feet tall and over 100,000 lights all driven by a computer program. it is a midsouth holiday tradition and around since 1976 and a cast of 400 people and many are not old enough to drive. >> just this church and we have the opportunity to do something as big as it is pretty cool. >> okay. >> steve: i am in the big tree . it was like climbing the matter horn and i am only half way up the size of the gigantic singing christmas tree. they will have 150 teens
3:27 am
stuffed in here. right now i feel like a giant swiril. it is a year round venture and hundreds of volunteers work behind the scenes creating a 19twens version of new york city that envy broadway. >> people enjoy programs and good fam fam values and something they can take their fam fam, >> this is not an old church school bath robes and no flake. >> no, no, this is it a huge production . it is it all contempary and all different kinds of music and costumes and make up . ♪ andine though the singing christmas tree is it broadway quality there is a major difference. >> we hope that people will see a great show. but we talk about in the rehearsals t. is not a show
3:28 am
for show's sake but telling the people good news of jes jes christ. if they come and remember the name of bellevie and a cast member, we missed t. but if they remember the name of jes jes christ and accept him in their life and let him change their lives. fam fams would be different and lives would be and that's our hope. that is a big show and this is mostly teenagers and young people that spend months preparing for the peck tackular show . 30,000 came to to watch t. >> what about the tree topper. >> usually a maul person . can i get up there ? yeah, no. that is not going to happen . >> is there just one show. >> no, it is it a series of three or four days and for
3:29 am
folks who cane make the performance. they have a dvd. it is great folks. >> 28 minutes after the hour. coming up next, a college professor accused of telling the class that the military had blood on their hands. what happened to the professor for saying thampt >> steve: the fed has a plan to fix our economy. really in stewart varney. >> gretchen: first. happy birthday to cliff williams. he is rocking it all night long. ♪ ♪ waking the baby.
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>> gretchen: time for your shot of the more thaning. his beaver looks to be waving right back. >> brian: leave it to beaver. >> gretchen: the beaver we had
3:34 am
didn't appear be as friendly. 92 right. >> brian: i tell you what, that beaver upons out and not happy in the tank. >> steve: let's talk about the american river college in, california. they were having an art class and the professor. a fellow by the name of tom was discussing an art installation, and a vet ran by the name of shiloh david helman and the professional saw the parallel between the blood on the hands of the display and the blood of our vet rans. mr. helman took fence fence and he said this. he was a vet ran. >> he told me i am the problem with american. i go to do a job and def nation.
3:35 am
and then left the class. >> brian: this is not the first time the professor went over the line and just about everybody's watching mind. the red river american college said we are looking boo the allegation. our college grevance officer is meeting from stunes. he stood for something just like he thought for something. >> gretchen: what about meeting with the professor ? >> steve: i think they want to hear their side of the store store and what he said. if you go to rate my professor opinion com. a site they used. they have described him liberal and derogatory . don't be surprised if the students corob brate the store store - story of the vet. >> brian: one of the only living medal of honor
3:36 am
recipients. details on the fight of dakota myer. an 18 year old was charged with assault. myer was awarded the highest honor by president obama last year and credited with saving the lives of 23 americans and afghan soldiers in a fire foit in 2009. 92 being overweight be linked to the way you were born. researchers looked at nine studies of over 200,000 people and found being born by c-section babies were more likely to be heavy in life. it doesn't mean it caused the weight gain. >> brian: you are following that store store. >> steve: all 200,000 people. >> gretchen: that is weird. >> brian: no babies commented. >> gretchen: they couldn't
3:37 am
speak. the show will not go on in massachusetts. the holiday concert is cancel would after last year's performance was too religious. i haven't heard thampt a speech on 18-bullying, will take place on the concert in january. really? >> brian: huge game for the cincinnati bengals. turn overs were the key against the eagles and they again were their own worst enemy. they gave the ball away five times. they had a lot ofitalent. they came back to do 34-13 and will face the pittsburg steelers next week. what could be the playoff deciding contest. jets still fancy themselves in the playoff hunt. >> brian: former tex tex ranger slugger josh hamilton
3:38 am
has agreed to play for the los angeles angels. so much talent on the west coast. the dole is worth $125 million over the next five years. hamilton drove in 148 rbi's. he has a history of substance abuse and a bit of a streaky player and has trouble avoiding injury. and we'll see what happens next. >> gretchen: also a history of the home runs. angels said -- rangers excuse me said you can go. >> steve: the economy is still sputtering and the federal reserve has a plan to get it back on track. >> no, no, no. all you have to do is hook the bad boy up to the house and throw the card in and boom, boom and mow, money and more money. >> steve: yeah, more money and
3:39 am
chairman ben bernanke said the fed will print more money to push down interest rates. will more money mean more problems ? nothing to laugh about when you think of what the government is dog. printing all of this money and trying to get it -- we are dog what ? >> the numbers are staggering. ben bernanke is going to print a trillion a year. this is it the fifth year in a row he printed a trillion bucks meanwhile, president obama is going to borrow eye trillion dollars this year and that is for the fifth year in a row that they borrowed a trillion. you printed a trillion and borrowing a trilian where is it going to end ? odds are you will have a financial crisis. inflation or debt crisis. in the immediate future we are bumling along with slow
3:40 am
growth. >> steve: ben bernanke said they will continue to keep interest low until unemployment got down to 6 percent. i know you are a econanist. isn't the best way to get unemployment lower to get more jobs. >> they have done this four years and it hane worked . unemployment rate is 7.7 percent. why are we dog it all over again when it hasn't worked in the past. people have zy --anxiety. it is hanukkah and christmas. and done talk about the money being prented. but there is axiety. inflation or debt crisis or slow growth with continued
3:41 am
high unemployment. not a pretty picture. >> steve: merry christmas indeed. check out stewart's show and you can see him every day on the fox news channel platform known as fox business. nthank you, steve . >> steve: 20 minutes before the top of the hour. mentioning christmas just in time. late-breaking deof a strike. how is this for a christmas card. that is nancy reagan and mr. t. i remember thampt the store store and many more. ♪ that's right. i've learned the only way to get a holiday deal is to camp out. you know we've been open all night. is this a trick to get my spot?
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your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil. potato with bacon. we've got a lotta empty cans. [ male announcer ] hear from our chefs on facebook this friday! >> gretchen: 44 minutes after the top of the hour. happens of private security
3:45 am
workers in new york jfk airport threatening to walk off if demands are not met. lidia has more with what this could mean for holiday travelers. this always happens . it is leverage time for it to happen now, right. >> just five days before christmas. december 20th. that's when the workers authorized a strike. they are nonunion workers and work for two separate companies and workers for one of the companies authorized the strike. the second company is voting on whether to authorize a strike. jfk is one of the biggest in the country. 42 million people are schedule would to fly around the holiday season. it couldn't come at a worse time . we spoke to the travelers that are worried. they actually the traffic here
3:46 am
in the terminal and guard alarm doors and so many people are worried about this . workers say they are underpaid and have the proper economy. that is the latest. fox news. back to you. >> thank you for that report. >> steve: now to the white whoit. halls are deck would just in time for christmas. >> brian: this year michelle obama decorated with the theme of joy to all . there are christmas trees honoring past first lady and how they spen time in the white house. >> gretchen: can you imagine. joining us a woman who was part of the 2008 decorating team and author of christmas with the first lady. choline, good morning to you. i love going through it it brings you back in time and
3:47 am
each first lady uponed to create their own idenity. >> they had their signature style and message to send to the american public at christmas . this year mrs. obama is joy to all she always remembers the servicemen and women serving in the armed forces. >> steve: there is it a beautiful christmas tree that came in on a horse drawn wagon. >> a tiny little >> steve: they have 54 christmas trees and the decorators used your books to help figure out how to do it >> they can a tribute to the first lady exercise pulled out a lot of source material. they have been amazing throughout the years and the decorations are awesome. >> brian: going back for jackie kennedy. >> she said if we are having people over for the holidays . she went for the nut cracker and had tiny ornams.
3:48 am
that is different. >> gretchen: what about betty ford ? >> her idea was to have a thrifty holiday and wanted calico fabric and she spent more money. cent 1600 dollars and the press was tough on her which is fuby when we lock at how much they spent today. >> steve: i remember in the reagan term. mrs. reagan used to have celebrity secret santas >> she was. she was all about glits and glamour and this white house is what you wanted to so. she had mr. t and larry hagman was a celebrity sant a. >> there is mr. t. >> gretchen: and finally laura bush. you were instrumental to helping .
3:49 am
>> she invited me to be a part of the decorating team. it was elegance and being understated and red, white and blue christmas and incorporated books and stories and made it enchanting for children. it is christmas with the first ladies and beautiful stories and pictures as well. >> thank you so much for having me. >> gretchen: merry christmas. >> steve: thieves try to rip off a church and get a shock instead. >> brian: high school basketball team ends with a score of 107-2 . the coach of the losing team is here next. ♪ this holiday, share everything.
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>> gretchen: ed. >> brian: indiana girl's basketball team scored big on tuesday night. what do you mean really big? they won a game 107-2. now parents on the losing side want to know why wasn't the game called off sooner? why wasn't better sportsmanship shown perhaps by the winning team? bob is the athletic director at arlington high school that, school that lost big time. so thank you for joining us, bob. are you upset with bloomington south? >> thank you for having me. as a school we hold no hard feelings toward bloomington south. the way we look at it now our girl's basketball program is at the very beginning stages of development. we currently have ten girls in
3:54 am
the whole program. six of those ten are playing basketball all together for the first time in their life. i'm not talking being on a team, really just playing the game for the first time. bloomington south, year in and year out is a state power. currently they're 8-1. ranked number 10 in the state. so we definitely -- we just see it as two programs that are about on polar opposite ends in the spectrum. >> brian: i would say so, but i think there's a lot of teams substantially better than their opponents. they don't win by 105 points. would you be dispint fundamental a team under injure jurisdiction won by 105? would you angry at that coach? >> well, i mean, we trust bloomington south and they're coaching staff about all they could outright keep the integrity and the sportsmanship the best they can. you know, there are things that you can do, like taking press
3:55 am
prestons off and we feel they did a decent job of. >> brian: wow. >> we don't hold any hard feelings toward them. we look at it as an opportunity for our girls to see if a program like blackton south, entry they are. >> brian: they saw a lot of that program. here is what the coach said. both teams played hard. to do anything less by either team would have been demeaning. arlington came out and worked on their player development as did we. the long standing reputation of our program and coach is one that would validate this information. saying it would be more of an insult if we stopped shooting. do you agree with that? >> to a certain ex at any time, yeah. i mean, again, where do you draw that line of trying not to score as mocking the opponent and embarrassing them? i think one thing you could look at is the character of our young leaders. that score board is up there all night for 32 minutes and just like the people said, our girls played hard tore 32 minutes. it's easy for them.
3:56 am
>> brian: the coach of your team said they could have shown better responsemanship. i think that's the least, don't you think. >> after a loss like that, you speak -- we're taking it as we're just going to focus on us and our girls basketball program. we're extremely proud of them and the effort they gave that night and the fact that they didn't quit. they're a resilient group of young ladies. we're not focused on the negative. >> brian: you got to maybe get together with other athletic directors and talk about things like a mercy rule perhaps. down by 50 at the half. >> right. yeah. you're right. or possibly the idea of running the clock once you get to a certain spread. here in indiana we have the governing body which will work tight will he with our coaches.
3:57 am
these are great conversations moving forward. we hold no hard feelings toward bloomington south. it's great opportunity for us to improve. >> brian: okay. if you're up by 90 against them, i want you to stop your girls from scoring next time around. bob, thanks so much and good luck with developing the program and the stance you guys have taken and good luck to your girls. >> thank you for having us. appreciate it. >> brian: thanks. good luck this season. straight ahead, you've seen this picture on fox news channel. but are the other networks covering the union violence out of michigan? we'll and the facts and do so much more in the final two hours of this week on "fox & friends" wow. it's the honey, it makes it taste so... well, would you look at the time... what's the rush? be happy. be healthy.
3:58 am
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♪ nespresso. what else? ♪ let'for an idea.s - a grand idea called america. the idea that if you work hard, if you have a dream, if you work with your neighbors... you can do most anything. this led to other ideas like lerty
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and rock 'n' roll. to free markets, free enterprise, and free refills. it put a man on the moon and a phone in your pocket. our country's gone through a lot over the centuries and a half. but this idea isn't fragile. when times get tough, it rallies us as one. every day, more people believe in the american idea and when they do, the dream comes true. we're grateful to be a part of it. >> gretchen: tgif. it's so great to get to friday sometimes, isn't it? december 14, 2012. i'm gretchen carlson. thanks for sharing your time. you can count her out. ambassador susan rice telling the president to withdraw her name for consideration for secretary of state. but why now after she held two meetings with gop senators?
4:01 am
is it because there is another report possibly coming out? lots to discuss this morning. >> brian: the president and the speaker meet to talk about the fiscal cliff. but are they getting anywhere? >> i'm beginning to think that president obama's position is like michael corleone, my offer is nothing. [ laughter ] >> brian: is that really the president's plan and better yet, is it working? >> steve: meanwhile, this is what you get for trying to rip off a church, a real shocker. was it perhaps a case of divine intervention? "fox & friends" hour two for friday starts right now. >> this is chris jewel, camera 4 operator and i say merry christmas to you and you're watching "fox & friends." >> gretchen: all right. today is the day to honor our crew. all these fabulous guys, for the most part guys, who operate our cameras and there is chris chulo. what we call the gib.
4:02 am
that camera moves all around, camera 4. move it up and down. >> steve: he have has no idea how to operate it. >> brian: by the way, we ask who is the weakest camera man and give him this camera and chris chulo -- [ laughter ] oh, oh. >> gretchen: get him! get him! >> steve: how long you been on this show? almost from the get go. great to have you. >> brian: he doesn't get paid. he does it for experience. >> gretchen: yeah right. with all that experience, maybe he could become secretary of state. unfortunately, susan rice won't be secretary of state. yesterday in an op ed she took herself out of the running. the timing is interesting 'cause there is reports that maybe a big report is coming out on actually what happened, the american people might time fee find out what happened in benghazi of the she went on the sunday talk shows, five of them, a couple of days after the september 11 attacks and said that it was a spontaneous
4:03 am
attack. even though now it's become clear she and others probable will he knew that it was terrorism. >> steve: in fact, after it hit the fan, we predicted on this program that she eventually would be withdrawn because she simply was not worth the fight at this point and yesterday in her op ed in the page of the "washington post," she essentially said that, not worth trouble. she said on september 16 when secretary of state hillary clinton was unavailable after a grueling week, the white house asked me to appear on five sunday talk shows when discussing benghazi. i relied on fully cleared, unclassified points provided by the intel community, although she knew the secret stuff, which encapsulated their best current assess am. these unclassified points were -- >> brian: were you following the white on those highlighted or following you? >> steve: it was that perfect.
4:04 am
>> brian: that was the bouncing ball. the president said while i deep will he regreat the unfair and misleading attacks on ambassador rice, it reflects her character. chaffetz says coincidence? i don't think so. the state department owes us a report. that's why i think susan rice made that announcement today. you're starting to see the department squirm a little. they're saying maybe we'll give you a summary. secretary clinton may not come up. i think the report, if done accurately, will be a very difficult thing for the white house, the state department, the department of defense and the c.i.a. to explain. >> gretchen: there is a lot of moving parts that were happening yesterday afternoon. first of all, it started coming out that hillary clinton may be wouldn't testify on december 20 as planned. moments later, susan rice takes herself out of the running. one of the main reasons potentially that this report is coming out, remember, susan rice extended the olive grant and met with senator lindsey graham and john mccain, her two fiercest
4:05 am
critics. she then met with senator susan collin a moderate. she also came out of the meeting saying, i actually have more questions now than i did before. so if you couldn't get the moderate republican to vote for you for secretary of state, the writing was probably on the wall. >> brian: what i thought was totally out of bounds with andrea mitchell said yesterday in her evaluation and analyzing what this means in terms of politics with her backing out, she brought up the gender factor and the race factor. listen. >> i think that this had become sort of an impossible challenge for her to be confirmed. she realized that. the white house realized it as well. i think they know that they are on good political, solid ground, as you were pointing out. this is not going to heparins at all, the fact that a woman and a woman of color has been forced out of the confirmation process before she was nominated. >> gretchen: nothing to do with it. >> steve: look, it was george w bush, a republican, who placed
4:06 am
in the job of secretary of state a woman of color, condoleeza rice. we have seen this a lot, this kind of talk from the left over the last couple of months. >> gretchen: it's interesting because if anyone is a proponent of women seeking office it's me. i don't agree with andrea mitchell at all on this. when you look back at recent secretary of states, a lot have been women and african-american. you have madeleine albright, hillary clinton, condoleeza rice, i can't even remember the last male. then you brought it up that it was colin powell. i'm not sure it has anything o do with why susan rice will not be secretary of state. >> steve: it absolutely does not. she went out and many people feel she lied to the american people to give the president of the united states political cover just before an election. >> brian: 17 days and three days to write legislation. probably less than 17 days 'til we hit the fiscal cliff. the president invited the speaker to the white house yesterday and our e-mail box, we're getting filled up.
4:07 am
there comes the speaker and there goes the speaker. it lasted an hour and 15 minutes. did anything get ironed out? so far insiders say no. yao goldberg offered this analysis and it was pretty brilliant. >> i'm beginning to think that president obama's position is like michael corleone's position in godfather 2, my offer is nothing. his real goal is watch the republican party go up in flames and eat themselves alive. which so far seems to be working. i think that what boehner tried to do at this point is simply take the middle class tax cuts as permanent, which would be a huge conservative victory, eat it on the raising the top rates, and then live to fight another day. >> steve: okay. so that's jonah goldberg's opinion, that mr. boehner should cave and say okay, let's go ahead and raise up rates. yesterday in their very brief conversation less than an hour, apparently the president -- i'm going to paraphrase what we know -- the president said okay, john, you ready to cave?
4:08 am
he said nope, i'm not going to raise taxes on anybody. how that lasted an hour, i don't know. >> gretchen: because it really comes down to whether or not the president is also going to agree to spending cuts. remember, folks, about two years ago he said that he was in favor of raising the age of medicare to 67 from 65. so where has that president gone? now at a most crucial moment when let's face it, in order to get a deal done, both sides are going to have to give in on stuff that they don't want to give in on. if they want to make a deal, or the other option is just go over the cliff. >> steve: the problem is, dick durbin said yesterday very clearly, under no circumstances are we going to raise the medicare retirement age. nancy pelosi essentially said exactly the same thing. so two of the strongest people in the senate and the house say no to the president, there is not a lot of wiggle room there. >> brian: the president did a morning show interview yesterday on the west coast and said that
4:09 am
john boehner was too concerned about raising tax, about what republicans would say if he raised taxes. >> steve: it continues. >> gretchen: fox news alert now, two large back to back quakes shaking the california coast this morning. 6.4 magnitude quake rocked the southwest coast near baha, just about an hour ago. moments later, a 6.1 quake struck, shaking san diego and los angeles. so far no reports of any damage or injury. the united states ramping up its involvement in the crisis in syria now. overnight defense secretary leon panetta signing off on send to go patriot missiles and 400 troops to turkey. that's to help beef up the country's defense against potential syrian attacks. the missiles will be under nato control. today's decision deadline for states to decide if they're going to set up their own insurance exchanges under obamacare. right now 24 states have opted out. 19, including the district of columbia, will have the state-run exchanges.
4:10 am
six states plan on splitting it with the feds. utah and florida are the only it who have not made a decision. talk about divine intervention, check this out. two thieves learning a painful lesson while trying to rob a church in houston. they tried grabbing the electric cable, likely for its copper. and set off this explosion. cops say these guys won't be hard to find. their injuries should be a give away. those are your headlines. what will their injuries be? burn marks? >> brian: i'm not sure. >> steve: yeah. near electrocution. although the theft of copper wire is pretty rampant because cop service quite valuable these days. >> brian: ten minutes after the hour. you've seen this picture on fox news channel over and over begun, steven crowder getting punched over and over again. but are the other networks covering the union violence out of michigan? we'll and the facts next. >> steve: then does she look like a terrorist to you? a little girl brought to tears by the airport people
4:11 am
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when you need it. it's anothereason more investors are saying... [ all ] i'm with scottrade. >> steve: welcome back. you've seen the violent video this week. fox news contributor steven crowder getting punched in the face repeatedly by a pro union protester in michigan. where is the outrage from the main stream media? just two years ago they were quick to characterize the tea party rallies as dangerous. remember that? so is there a clear double standard at work? looks like it to us. how does it look to senior contributor at the daily caller, matt lieu i who joins us live from d.c good morning to you. >> good morning. >> steve: what's interesting is the night of the big rally, 12,000 people outside the state house there in michigan, all the
4:15 am
networks covered it. yet, with this incredibly -- for tv pictures, you're always looking for good pictures. to have an assault caught on camera and for the big three not to run it in their newscast, that just seems like journalistic malpractice, doesn't it? >> absolutely. it should be irresistible to the press to show pictures like this. if something happens and it's not caught on tape, it's not as effective on tv. but if you get it on video, if you get a picture of it, it should have been irresistible. it was part of a larger story and the press said well, the protests were boisterous or that there was some clashing. but they didn't really show the pictures. i think we hear a lot about liberal bias. but selection bias, the stories you decide to cover or not cover i think is probably the most insidious form of violence. >> steve: yeah. the pictures we're looking at were for americans for
4:16 am
prosperity, that wasn't just someone tipping it over. we had somebody on the greta show that said the guys came in with box cutters and worked to knock it down. came down on men, women and children, some people in wheelchairs and stuff like that. i mean, that is a story that is irresistible, you would think, if people wanted to tell a big story. >> it should be. keep in mind, americans for prosperity had to get permits to put this tent up. they actually reserved that area. they had electricity there. so they went through the proper channels to protest, which is their right. and the tent was torn down and i have seen other videos, not just the videos that have sort of gone viral, but other videos that clearly show there were women and children, elderly folks in there. it's sort of a horrifying thing and really hasn't gotten the coverage. now yesterday, americans for prosperity in wisconsin said -- i'm sorry, michigan said they were going to file charges or that they had. i guess it's possible that if
4:17 am
there is any legal recourse, the press might finally start to cover this. but so far, really hasn't. >> steve: yeah, although they didn't tell the story before. so it's hard to say, you know, a couple of days when we didn't tell but this story, we thought we'd give you an upstate on the story we didn't tell you. why do you think the main stream immediate why are not covering this? -- media are not covering this? >> it's unclear because the pictures should make it irresistible. but i think the question that a lot of folks brought up is what would happen if it were reversed? if it were a tea party member. >> steve: oh, my goodness. >> right. remember a couple years ago, the allegation that a tea party protester used a racial epitaph rode them for days and this was just an allegation that somebody said something. here somebody has punched somebody in the face. this is clear, if this were reversed, the main stream media would be playing the video
4:18 am
incessantly. number two, you would start to see conservatives come out and condemn the violence and criticize a -- they would actually turn on the tea party guy, not defend him. but i think thirdly, it would become part of a larger narrative, right? so if the tea party had done this, it would be, well -- mitt romney needs to comment on this. or part of the war on women. and that certainly hasn't happened. there are things that democrats and i think president obama gave a speech. there was a democratic representative who said there will be blood. jimmy hoffa caught in a civil war. all those things happened before the violence and yet, nobody is really tying it into that larger narrative. >> steve: that's right. and also on the left, i know a number of people are suggesting steven crowder actually deserved getting the beat down, which is crazy. all right. matt, thank you very much for joining us today from our nation's capitol. >> thank you. >> steve: what do you think about that? the double standard that is clear? e-mail us.
4:19 am
meanwhile, straight ahead, you thought the talks on the fiscal cliff were brutal? take a look at this. lawmakers throwing fists. where this happened, we'll tell you coming up next. then something that doesn't happen too often, a movie that the whole family could see together. your guide to the best christmas moves, next hour. >> grandpa tells lots of jokes that you won't get. just laugh. >> hello, boys. still single? [ laughter ] this holiday, share everything.
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4:22 am
>> brian: quick headlines. new details about the man who opened fire inside a crowded mall in oregon. jacob roberts' roommate said he had a weird look on his face when he left the house that day. roberts shot and killed two people inside the mall before turning the gun on himself. the mall set to reopen a little bit later this morning.
4:23 am
could jenny rivera have avoided death? it turns out she made a last minute decision to take that deadly plane ride. she was offered a room for the night, but took off to her next destination instead. >> gretchen: that's sad. today we wrap up our paws for a cause series. all week we've been telling you how you can help dogs in need in time for christmas. here with us today is. >> brian: deborah allrick, from a mixed breed rescue, and michaela. who are your special friends? >> this is pixie right here and this is twiggy. >> brian: these puppies? >> twinkie. >> gretchen: she could be twiggy, yeah. >> is a yorkie. she's blind. and this is pixie. we really don't know what she is. >> steve: this is the time of season when i know you guys try very hard to make sure that
4:24 am
these dogs don't wind up staying in a kennel over christmas. what's the best way we can adopt them out and others? there are thousands across the country. >> the first thing is christmas is maybe not the best time. it's fun, there is a lot going on. but if you plan a lot of stuff ahead of time and you're all prepared. but i think that -- it's really hard. the adoption rates are super down right now. >> steve: why is that? >> economy. >> steve: yeah. at the can't feed themselves, how can they feed the dogs? >> but you just go to the shelter and go to and pick a breed. start look. >> gretchen: twinkie, how did she become blind? >> she was born that way. >> gretchen: she's shaking. is she cold or just scared? >> scared. she had a rough trip. >> gretchen: okay. >> brian: i believe that pixie is a chihuahua pekinese. could that be a guess?
4:25 am
>> yeah. this one came from a breeder who cast her off because she was blind. >> steve: so many people do, for one reason or another, they don't have a did you go and they think some day i'm going to go to the pet shop and buy one. there are millions of animals at america's shelters that are so easy and so needing a home. >> grateful. >> steve: they are grateful. they're great dogs. >> you can get any breed you want in rescue. >> steve: sometimes it takes a little while to find the one you want. >> yes, you can. >> brian: how long have they been getting along like this? >> blind? >> brian: no, they get along well. they're not fighting or scratching. these are young dogs. >> they're really sweet and don't have an alpha personality so they're tolerating. >> gretchen: so they don't need to be in charge? >> no. >> gretchen: so tell us the types of families or maybe single people who would be a good fit for these dogs. >> for this one? >> gretchen: yes. >> i think when she's blind like this, it's a little harder. she's so cute and a yorkie. it's hard for people to understand this special needs
4:26 am
dog. they're special. and a lot of people won't adopt them. but someone like her, she needs someone that has a stable environment where things don't move around. >> brian: they develop their other senses. >> if i put this dog down, you would never know she was blind. >> steve: i know of people who adopted animals after watching this program. if people would like more information about your program, do you have a web site? >> one thing i want to say is because the world is really in the puppy -- into puppies, is to think about these kind of dogs. they're blind or deaf or they have a disease. look at her. she's loving. and also senior dogs, black dogs, and big dogs. >> brian: thanks so much for coming down and telling a good story. >> steve: merry christmas. >> merry christmas. >> thank you. >> gretchen: coming up, the ceo of one of the nation's biggest health care companies says
4:27 am
obamacare will double your premium and that's not what we were promised. remember you can keep your own health care. >> brian: i'm going to. >> steve: are you heading for the hydrant? right on the corner. >> gretchen: you're going to the hydrant? >> steve: yeah. then a movie the whole family can see together. the guide coming up. >> grandpa tells lots of jokes that you won't get. just laugh. >> hello boys. still single? [ laughter ] [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™. this reduced sodium soup says it mahelp lower cholesterol, how does it work?
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>> according to a new survey, 70% of dog owners will buy their dogs a christmas gift. but vets say they can't comprehend christmas, but they can sense that we are too stupid to know that. [ laughter ] they will hate the gift. >> gretchen: yes, and i'm one of the stupid ones who just went out and bought my dog some christmas gifts the other day. they'll go right in the stocking for the dog. and i believe that my dog will know that they came from me. >> steve: sure. >> gretchen: and my kids. >> steve: if you let the dog chew up the stocking, that really is what dogs want. >> gretchen: i have the kind of dog that chews up everything. so i go for the hard core toys. they say no dog can get through
4:32 am
this, ten minutes later, destroyed. >> brian: i let my dogs play with our hummels, the rare figurines. [ laughter ] >> gretchen: oh, my gosh. okay. i haven't heard that one. >> brian: quick look at the headlines. >> gretchen: okay. one of the only living medal of honor recipients recovering this morning from a brutal attack. details on the fight involving dakota myer unclear. we know an 18-year-old has been charged with assault. he was awarded the military's highest honor by president obama last year and credited with saving the lives of 13 americans and 23 afghan soldiers daughter fire fight in 2009. >> brian: even though president obama promised obamacare would save you money, the ceo of the nation's third biggest health care company says it's actually going to double your premiums? the head of aetna says when the law kicks in, small businesses, some individuals, will be in for a rate shock.
4:33 am
he has shared his concern with the president and lawmakers in washington. >> steve: meanwhile, feast your eyes on this. does this little girl look like a terrorist to you? >> you're kidding me. >> we're going to get you out of here in a second. okay? >> steve: that 12-year-old girl, who is wheelchair bound, was detained by the tsa at dallas-fort worth airport. agents thought she had bomb residue on her hands. the girl was kept away from her mom while a bomb specialist was called in. >> it's frightening and i got mad. >> you would think that they would have checked her wheelchair and they did nothing. then that's when it just seemed to -- everything seemed to spiral out. >> steve: after 45 minutes, she was free to go. agents gave the family no explanation and no apology.
4:34 am
heart break video. >> gretchen: politicians reaching across the aisle. okay, now you think is going to be good news? no, they reach across the aisle to throw punches. they say we need more of this in america, but this is the first session of ukraine's newly elected parliament. the massive brawl started when lawmakers burst to the front of the chamber and fought overt vote for a new prime minister and speaker. i don't know, john, you may be up to something. all these secret meetings between bainer and obama, they've gone nowhere. maybe if they duke it out like in a hockey game, maybe we get something solved. >> steve: they're not blue or red. they're black and blue, according to those people. meanwhile, take a look at this, were you able to see this morning's meteor shower? we told but this yesterday. this is a shot of the streak seen above the desert in israel.
4:35 am
it takes place only a short time ago. as many as 50, as you can see, meteors per hour were said to be seen. >> brian: anyone hurt? >> steve: no, they're fine. don't know about space, though. but in space, nobody can hear you scream. here is another look above tyler, texas. nasa says that this year's show could be the best as the moon's glare won't interfere with visibility. that's important. meanwhile, let's take a look at where it is raining. they probably didn't see much in texas because the cloud cover. also back through portions of arizona, new mexico and southern california, showery there. a little bit of snow activity early on this friday up along the eastern shore of erie and ontario. 20s in the northern plains. montana now, the chilly spot on this map with 13. we've got about 27 in raleigh durham and later today, things will warm up a little in raleigh almost 60.
4:36 am
the same for memphis. warm along the coast. 50s and 60s and 60s through portion of texas. 30s in the northern plains and portions of new england. >> gretchen: brian, my son is the sportscaster at school today. so he's paying close attention to see what you say right now. >> steve: no pressure. >> brian: i can't wait to see that tape. i'm sure he'll do great. let's talk about thursday night football. let's start there because cincinnati and the eagles locked in a game that cincinnati had to win to keep their playoff hopes alive and they did. turnovers were the key. philadelphia gave this game away. five turnovers in all. a messy season for them where they underachieve and they're having a change in coaching. cincinnati will face pittsburgh next week in what could be a playoff deciding game. the jets are still working in the background. shocking comments by espn analysts about the race of an nfl rookie superstar, rgiii.
4:37 am
rob parker questioned the blackness of the quarterback yesterday. this was in response to rg 3 telling the media that he refused to be defined by race. here is what parker said. >> this thing we all know he has a white fiance, there was a talk about he's a republican. he's not really, okay, black, he kind of does the thing, but he's not really down with the cause, he's not one of us. he's kind of black, but he's not really like the guy you really want to hang out with 'cause he's off to something. >> gretchen: what? >> brian: actually got worse from there. griffin may not want to be defined by race, but religion is important to him. last month he told reporters the only thing he fears is god. espn spokesperson said the comments were appropriate and i think he's on suspension. i know him, he's a great gape of the i was shocked to see those comments. steven h. smith says i really want no part of this conversation. >> gretchen: i think i'm going to leave that story out of my
4:38 am
son's -- >> brian: it will be a little controversial. >> gretchen: the josh hamton deal maybe. >> brian: five years, 125 million. >> gretchen: thanks. 2012 has been an incredible year at the box office. our next guest says the best is yet do come. some of the biggest blockbusters are coming out in time for christmas. kevin is the founder of nerd what do you think -- >> first of all, good morning. thank you for having me on "the hobbit" is an incredible film directed by peter jackson. here is the deal, it's going to be a little overwhelming for audiences because there are six different ways you can buy tickets and see "the hobbit." 2 d, 3 d, 3 d imax. he shot the film in revolutionary 48 films per sect. to keep that less geeky as possible, that means you're getting twice as many images on screen per second, so it looks like you're looking at more real life. it looks like you're looking into a window of a real life
4:39 am
set. it looks incredible. peter jackson has done it again. it's beautiful marspiece. 3 d is incredible. if you want to buy the right ticket, it will be a difference of up to $6 if you want to see it in 3 dhfr. if you have a big family, skip it. >> steve: all right. and that movie opens today. one that opens for moms and dads on christmas day is "django unchained." >> yeah. this is a quentin taxpayer tino -- terrentino movie. not a family movie whatsoever. high in the profanity and violence element. the guy who did "pulp fiction," it deals with jamie fox. he is a former slave turned bounty hunt who are is after it to save his life. it looks incredible. it opens up on christmas day. it's quentin terrentino's seventh film and stars leonardo dicaprio. five golden globe nominations yesterday for "django
4:40 am
unchained." >> brian: let's talk about "les miserables." am i going to be pleased with this? >> yeah. here is the deal, they did a thing called live singing with this movie. it's very rare in musicals because most musicals, they record the music three or four months prior to going on set. so when the actors get there, they have to mime the lyrics. this time they sing live into the camera. the emotion is happening right there. and what at this was sat down with hugh jackman recently. here is us, we live sing our interview. here is hugh jackman and myself. >> tell me the positives and negatives of singing live ♪ ♪ the negatives are if you don't have a score ♪ ♪ like during this interview ♪ we are pretty much singing the same notes all the time ♪ >> steve: awesome. >> gretchen: very cute. >> we were totally singing. they do live sing. it's the most beloved musical of
4:41 am
all time. it's been seen by over 60 million people and opens christmas day. >> gretchen: christmas day also opens "parental guidance." it's a family movie. i have a 7 and 9-year-old, can i bring them to this movie? >> here is the deal with this film. this is your family movie for christmas day. it's bette midler and billy crystal, they're grandparents watching their three grandparents. there is going to be jokes that kids are going to love. there is going to be jokes that adults love. it's like a pixar balance where kids will see a different movie and adults will also. all audiences will be able to enjoy every element of this film. it's your family movie. >> steve: that's nice, it operates on a couple different levels. before you go, that bill murray movie where he plays fdr, i've heard that it may not be up for an oscar this year. >> no. this year is a huge, huge race for the oscars. you have denzel washington, daniel day-lewis, a lot of different people up for oscars. he's not going to make the cut 'cause the movie is not that
4:42 am
great. he is phenomenal in the film. but the movie is dull, it's a little boring. i found myself dozing off. but i sat down with bill murray back in toronto a couple months ago and for some reason, he noticed the suit that i was wearing had a dot on it. so he decide -- he proceeded to get up and clean my suit. we have video here. he got up and cleaned my suit. i haven't washed this suit since. >> steve: from days work at a dry cleaner. >> brian: i loved bill murray in "meat balls". seemed like a very similar role. >> brian, i want to apologize to you. here comes the boom did not make my top ten this year. >> gretchen: oh! >> brian: forget it! i'm leaving! >> gretchen: wait a minute. kevin, did you like "fred clause" years ago? >> you know what? it's a dekent movie.
4:43 am
-- decent. way better than "here comes the book." >> gretchen: brian is redeemed. >> steve: kevin, thank you very much. and merry christmas. >> thank you so much. happy holidays. >> gretchen: what are we going to do? we might end up doing the rest of the show without brian. >> steve: he'll be back. you watch. >> gretchen: the blogs will go nuts with brian storming off. they don't understand you, brian. coming up next, 100-year-old family business about to be evicted by the feds. why they're being shut down and the owner who is not giving up without a fight. that's next. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] everyone deserves the gift of all day pain relief.
4:44 am
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your soups are so awesomely delicious my husband and i can't stop eating 'em! what's...that... on your head? can curlers! tomato basil. potato with bacon. we've got a lotta empty cans. [ male announcer ] hear from our chefs on facebook this friday! >> gretchen: that graphic should be nominated for some sort award. that's nice. after nearly 100 years in business, the federal government is forcing them to shut down. we're talking about drake's bay
4:47 am
oyster farm in california, was recently informed that they would not be allowed to renew their federal park lease. the interior department plans to turn the land into a marine wilderness area, and as a result, the oyster company and 30 employees are out of work. kevin is the owner of drake's bay and now suing for an injunction to keep his business open. good morning to you, kevin. >> good morning, gretchen. how are you? >> gretchen: doing just fine. thank you for getting up so early. so tell me what you've been doing for all these years, your oyster farm. >> the oyster farm is really kind of a main stay in our community. we produce about a third of the oysters grown in the state of california. we get about 50,000 visitors a year who love this place, been here for over eight decades and the community and our county and san francisco bay area loves ush washington, d.c. >> gretchen: so the interior department wants to shut you
4:48 am
down. why? >> well, actually a small handful of folks who are really wilderness activists who care deeply about getting people off the land, i think is the best we can tell, want to give up something to create a humanless landscape and it's a little strange because national sea shore was created as a work landscape. the oyster farm is completely surrounded by working ranches and so to remove the oyster farm from the middle of the historic ranching lands is odd. >> gretchen: aren't the oysters part of the landscape? >> well, they have been for a very long time. as a matter of fact, the national academy of sciences says that drake's, where the oysters live, is probably healthier with the oyster farm because of the eco system services. it's the reason that we see oysters being planted in the chesapeake and san francisco
4:49 am
bay. >> gretchen: right. >> and now we have an interior department who wants to remove them. >> gretchen: so let me ask you this, the board of supervisors -- let's face it, this is not a conservative part of the country. board of supervisors, senator diane feinstein, democrat, they looked at the claims and they also became outraged at what's happening to you? >> as a matter of fact, that's true. senator feinstein looked very carefully and she recognized the park service actually fabricated the science and misrepresented the science, had the national academy look at their claims. they agreed that it was -- their words were, selectively presented and overinterpreted and misrepresented the claims. so all their claims of harm fell away, yet secretary salazar still made the decision to remove the farm. >> steve: it's interesting. you're now suing. please keep us up to date on what happens to your oyster farm in beautiful california. thanks for your time today.
4:50 am
>> thank you. >> gretchen: the epa trying to regulate the rain? and it could cost people their homes. we're not kidding. first on this day in 1964, "come see about me" by the supremes was the number one song ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] campbell's green bean casserole. it's amazing what soup can do any tree this lot is on me. i'm the messenger, by the way. what's your name? joanne. with the hundreds that i save with progressive
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4:53 am
>> brian: it's government gone wild. the state of of virginia is heading to federal court to fight new epa regulations. the agency wants virginia to control and regulate rain water on private property. they say if the move goes through, thousands of people may lose their homes because of rain. >> steve: like in that song, who will stop the rain? the epa wants to try. joining us is the attorney general of the great state of
4:54 am
virginia, ken cuccinelli. >> good morning. good to see y'all. >> steve: i know you were accusing the epa of massive government overreach. what exactly does the epa want to do? >> well, what they want to do is they want to force fairfax county and the virginia department of transportation, my client, to spend over $300 million to cut the flow of rain water into a creek by half. not a mutant, mind you. they want to try and cut down on the amount of water going into the aquatain creek. the way they're trying to do it is the only way they've been able to regulate pollution. well, water isn't a pollutant. the name of the law is kind of a give away. it's the clean water act and the idea is to keep water clean, from pollutants. so they've got it backwards here. >> brian: what are they asking people who live by the river to
4:55 am
do? to trap water? >> well, they're aiming at the local and state governments, but we're going to have to take private property if we're going to fulfill this requirement. what they are trying to get us to stop, literally stop the flow of rain water. so they own road there. they don't own parkland or anything they can work with to have a pool to trap water. so we'll have to take houses. we're going to have to create pools to hold water for longer periods of time. and really one solution is taking homes by eminent domain, tearing them down and planting grass, so the water sex in instead of flows into the creek. this is really just ludicrous. this is over $300 million of probable cost between these two agencies for one creek! >> steve: it's crazy. here is what the epa says in their motion.
4:56 am
epa's proceeding is in harmony with the broader purpose of the clean water act, clean, the operative word there, including congress' objectives of protecting the physical and biological integrity of water and reducing the water quality impacts. that sounds like something from the epa. the key is, this is nothing new. this was going on where water was running into that creek when george washington was still running around them parts. >> the creek is right near mount vernon and george washington was writing in his own diary about his inability to get across this creek because of high water volume to get to the house of burgesses, we call the house much delegates -- before we were a country. so this is not a new problem. what the epa is doing, despite what you read, we all want obviously to keep our waters clean, but they are not legally allowed to do it this way. they can not try to force the
4:57 am
state and local governments to get in the way of rain water. >> steve: you're absolutely right. it sounds like a gigantic overreach by the epa. we hope you'll keep us updated on what happens. >> brian: every time it rains, we'll think of you. >> good, thank you. >> brian: by the way, 1799, george washington died on this very day. >> steve: thank you very much. meanwhile, do your holiday pictures all turn out dark or blurry? don't go to a professional. we've got fixes for you free in the next hour. >> brian: work out while you work? that's what geraldo is doing right now. yes. how you can get a burn at the office and not get burned at th office ♪make just one someone happy ♪and you will be happy too. but when i was in an accident... i was worried the health care system spoke a language all its own with unitedhealthcare, i got help that fit my life.
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5:01 am
meetings with gop senators? is it because there is another report possibly about to come out? >> brian: don't answer that, geraldo. >> steve: yeah. he faced down insurgents burks his treatment inside a mexican prison has the family of this former marine terrified for his life. geraldo, as you've just heard, is here with brand-new details. >> brian: and no divine intervention here. a jesus look alike kicked out of a sports stadium. >> steve: why? >> brian: there is a lot to discuss there. "fox & friends" starts now. ♪ y'all ready for this ♪ . >> steve: how often have you said to yourself, i'm sitting at this desk all day, i wish i could get some exercise. now you can with the fit desk. it's a desk that doubles as a
5:02 am
workout bike. as you can see, we're working our crew in the news room, screen right. and sally in the green room, screen left. as they continue to work on this here telecast. >> brian: i always, always read whether it's the elliptical or on the stationary bike. this is genius. >> steve: it is very, very smart. the price is surprising. you're look for a special christmas gift for somebody for this christmas season, this would be good. >> gretchen: you know what i love about it? it's the capitalism and edge entwhistleism at its best. the guys who came up with this just came up with it a couple years ago. they didn't really make a buck. now yeah. they've been successful 'cause it works. >> steve: you know what? we need to have the crew get not guilty shape because later today will be the "fox & friends" annual christmas party and this time we're doing -- it's not going to be that silly bucking bull at johnny utah like last time. instead, we're going to go bowling. >> brian: number one, how great is it that we asked two staffers to help us out, but we would not
5:03 am
give them off from their job. they were both still doing their jobs while helping us out. >> gretchen: that's the whole point of the bike! >> brian: i think we could have given them 90 seconds off. >> gretchen: we're going to give them -- in 6 1/2 hours, we're going to give them free drinks. >> brian: we'll see. i will say, this i have a confession. last year was the bucking bull. >> gretchen: i got hurt. >> brian: i was on a long time. >> steve: yes, you were. >> brian: there was a reason why. >> gretchen: oh, gosh. >> brian: gave the guy 20 bucks. >> gretchen: you did not! >> brian: i gave the guy 20 bucks to make me look really good. >> steve: now you know the rest of the story. >> brian: right. >> gretchen: i got an injured hand on that damn bull now i'm finding out there was a lot of bull on this! you gave him 20 bucks? >> brian: yeah, i cheated. it was a great year. >> gretchen: it's not the first time because you cheat every time we have a race outside in the nascar. >> brian: only if i'm losing. >> steve: 'tis the season for headlines. >> gretchen: he finally went to
5:04 am
confession. fox news alert. a little shaking going on out in california. two large back to back earthquakes shaking the california coast this morning the 6.4 magnitude quake rocked the southwest coast near baha about an hour ago. moments later, a 6.1 magnitude quake struck, felt in san diego and los angeles. so far, no reports of any damage or injury. the united states ramping up its involvement in the crisis now in syria. new video into our news room of leon panetta speaking house after he signed an agreement to send two patriot missiles and 400 troops into the middle eastern nation. that's to help beef up the threat against potential syrian attacks. the missiles will be under nato control. the deadline for states to decide if they're going to set up their own insurance
5:05 am
exchanges. 24 states opted out. that's lot. 19, including the district of columbia, will have the state-run exchanges. six states plan on splitting the responsibility with the feds. utah and florida are the only two states haven't made a decision yet. the taliban's goal is kill americans. american troops are being told now to play nicey nice with them. reports that a new draft of the army handbook says our troops ignorance of culture have led to attacks. troops should not speak out against the taliban or defends women's rights. >> brian: see, that's our fault. we were speaking out against our enemy. what were we thinking. >> gretchen: the message isn't sitting well with afghanistan's top commander, general john allen right there. he refuses to endorse the book. >> brian: thank you. >> gretchen: at least 73 people have died in insider attacks this year. >> brian: 'cause we're ignorant of the culture?
5:06 am
they've infiltrated the army! >> they did burn the korans. >> brian: not every day. >> there are some cultural thaty in violence. the book overdoes it. >> brian: some cultures go to the bathroom with the door open. doesn't mean i want to shoot them. >> we do that in my house. >> steve: let's talk a little bit about -- >> seemed like an appropriate ad lib. >> brian: the rivera mansion, they're all opening up! [ laughter ] >> steve: looks like susan rice -- >> you're vision in white. >> gretchen: thank you. >> brian: we got to get you some ritalin because you can not stay on a topic. >> my wife says that. >> steve: susan rice took her name out of contention to be the secretary of state. she writes in the op ed pages of the "washington post" today essentially that the
5:07 am
administration can't afford a fight over her and they were getting one because she simply said crazy stuff on tv regarding the benghazi attacks. >> it became clear to me, and that's why i sat on this couch a couple weeks ago, that her ship sailed. a couple things happened, number one, there was an attack culture in washington when it becomes clear that the entire establishment is going against you. look what happened to my old pal, the former attorney general, alberto gonzalez. i had to meet him secretly. it became clear that everybody was piling on. in the case of ambassador rice when they started digging up what happened in africa in 1998 in the tanzania and kenya embase bombings when she was a relatively low level person, she got piled on for that. when they started anding the finances of ambassador rice and her husband who are quite wealthy and started pouring into every detail and she was not being defended by the administration. i mean, the president was making all the right sounds, if you
5:08 am
want to pick on anyone, pick on me, thumping his chest and alt rest. but the fact is, she had no group appointed by the obama administration to defend her against these attacks. but the two northeastern nod rate republicans, susan collins and kelly ayotte, joined the angry white men, you know, graham and mccain, and then it couldn't be a male-female issue against this poor beleaguered black woman -- >> brian: you don't believe that. >> gretchen: angry old white men? >> i am speaking expansesively and metaphorly and for effect here. but it became clear she couldn't be the beleaguered damsel in distress. the poor black embattled ambassador. it became clear that she was the minimum price. i have to say one more sentence. she was the minimum price to pay for the administration's disassembling on the facts and circumstances of the benghazi
5:09 am
attack. she was going to be the minimum price that the democrats that the obama administration had to pay for that clear offense just as i believe the tax hike on the 2% is the minimum price the republicans have to pay for losing the election. in washington you make minimum prices. she's the sacrificial lamb. >> gretchen: i totally agree with you, it was the senator from maine, that that was -- collins, that was it, because she is the moderate. if you couldn't get the moderates on board. but here is my question for you, does this mean that benghazi goes away now? because now there is all this talk that hillary clinton, she was going to testify december 20, now she may not because there may be this bombshell report that's coming out and maybe hillary clinton wants to run for president. >> that's a lot there. remember munich, 1972, the israeli athletes are massacred by the palestinian radicals in
5:10 am
the olympic games. all right. then you have for the next decade the israelis hunting down the perpetrators and killing the people who perpetrated the mass murder of the israeli athletes. that's the armed forces approach, or the sending seal team 6 against osama bin laden. that's the military approach. what's happening in benghazi is pretty clear to me. it's a law enforcement approach. we busted them at the airport in turkey. in cairo the cops there apprehended one of the alleged masterminds of the benghazi attacks. it's clear there will be a law enforcement approach to catching the perpetrators of the benghazi attacks. not a military approach. now, i believe in terms of the hillary clinton testimony, they can now use that secretive, undercover, law enforcement approach as the reason they do not publicly disclose what they're doing to apprehend the perpetrators -- but also may be true. >> brian: the law enforcement approach has fallen very short.
5:11 am
>> we have a half dozen in custody. >> we had a senator who had to get the f.b.i. in to question those captured would be kill increase tunisia. there has been no pursuit by our government to question these guys. >> the one thing we can't do, it's clear to everybody, is have a drone go over the militia headquarters in benghazi and bomb them because it's too small there. you don't know, you know, this guy from -- the perpetrator from his cousin. it's a very difficult situation. i think that precise surgical stuff is maybe the way to do it. >> gretchen: we have to get on to another state department issue, the former marine served in iraq and afghanistan, he's going to costa rica. he stops in mexico, registers his gun before he goes across the border. now he's been in jail since august. he's chained to a bed. should the state department be working harder to get him home? >> first of all, uniquely i covered mexican prisons.
5:12 am
i've been inside the most notorious. i've never seen an inmate chain to do a bed. i'm not saying that the congresswoman is not being, you know, accurate here. i'm just saying in my experience, have never seen it. remember also that the mexicans are extremely ticked off about fast and furious and all the guns we poured into that country. they're -- >> steve: but to chain him to a bed? >> we don't know that's that true. secondly, remember they are very, very sensitive about their own sovereignty and the fact that american guns have been pouring into the country. i don't understand. that doesn't in any way say this man should be behind bars because i think it is an atrocity. i don't know why our customs and border protection people didn't warn him. he's bringing a shotgun into mexico, say, hey, dude, they're going to bust you 100 feet from here! >> gretchen: we were the first ones to break this story. we interviewed the mom a couple days ago. she decided to go public because she's been speak to go her son in prison and he's told her he's chained to a bed. and he's fearing now for his
5:13 am
life. this takes immense courage for the family to come forward and they need the help from our country to bring him home. >> well, i think we can all suggest to the mexicans no harm, no foul. what's the problem here? he apologizes. he was bringing a shotgun, an old shotgun on a surfing expedition. however, and he had post vietnam stress, post iraq, afghanistan stress and all that. i think they can cut us some slack and i think the noise and the fury on this side will be helpful. >> brian: i look forward to you covering this show. >> thank you very much. >> brian: when are you going to air it? >> the weekend, on saturday night. bright future. the senate. >> brian: it's a lot of money. a million dollars. >> you think i could go? [ laughter ] >> i'll flee a heartbeat. >> brian: that is not true. >> gretchen: sorry, kids. no christmas concert this year. how about an anti-bullying
5:14 am
speech instead? the story coming up. ♪ >> brian: then did you hear the news? the feds finally has plan to fix our economy. print more money. what do you think about that? mine is worth less and less. i'm doing my own sleep study. advil pm® or tylenol pm. the advil pm® guy is spending less time lying awake with annoying aches and pains and more time asleep. advil pm®. the difference is a better night's sleep. i just finished a bowl of your new light chicken pot pie soup and it's so rich and creamy... is it really 100 calories? let me put you on webcan... ...lean roasted chicken... and a creamy broth mmm i can still see you. [ male announcer ] progresso. you gotta taste this soup.
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and apple. 3% back on 4 trips to the airport. it's as easy as.. -[ man ] 1... -[ woman ] 2... [ woman ] 3. [ male announcer ] the bankamericard cash rewards card. apply online or at a bank of america near you. >> gretchen: federal reserve chair ben bernanke says easy money is good for the economy. so let's keep it coming. keep printing it. but will pushing interest rates as low as they can go eventually backfire? >> brian: james freeman is assistant editorial editor for the "wall street journal." james, he is going to buy $85 billion worth of debt every month until our unemployment gets down to 6.5%. good or bad? >> i think we've been trying
5:18 am
this for five years basically, printing money to see if that's how you grow an economy. sort of like the old "saturday night live" skit with christopher walken. he only knows how to say is more cow bell. all ben bernanke seems to know how to respond to the economy is more money creation. i think what we've learned these five years, we still have slow growth, high unemployment is you can't print money. you can't print your way out of a bad economy. you need to actually worry about growth and how you get people to work and invest. >> gretchen: so if you were advising ben bernanke, what would you tell him to do instead? >> just focus on stable prices. don't try to print money as a way to offset all the other mistakes they're making in washington. you just focus on a stable dollar, people can depend on it, and then what you do is you force the government, the rest of the government, to finally get spending in check, get a tax and regulatory policy that allows businesses to grow. >> brian: by him printing money you just told us, he's keeping the pressure off the president
5:19 am
to cut spending. >> yeah. because right now, the government is able to finance this massive debt at about 2% a year. the pressure is not on them. if interest rates went do sort of normal, reasonable levels, the government all of a sudden, to finance the debt, would be spending what we spend on medicare every year. it would force responsibility. right now all of this credit basically to the government allows them to run huge debt. >> gretchen: we look at what is happening in greece where they can not print their own money and they have a massive spending problem. you have rioting in the street. so in a way, in america, since you can print the money, it's just kicking the can down the road, right? >> i think people realize intuitively, this can't work forever. the biggest buyer now of our long-term bonds is the federal reserve. in other words, the government itself is printing money to loan to the government. this can only work for some period of time before the rest of the world says, we no longer trust the u.s. dollar.
5:20 am
we don't give it the credibility we used to. >> brian: people outside our windows don't trust the u.s. dollar. that's the scary part. >> people have been excited about the rise in home prices. it's just the long-term, this is not how you grow an economy. this is not how you thrive. >> gretchen: all right. you heard it from james freeman, with the "wall street journal." thanks. >> thanks. >> brian: 19 minutes after the hour. >> gretchen: no love for jesus? a jesus look alike tossed right out of a sports stadium and wait until you hear why. >> brian: do your christmas photos always turn out like this? there are simple things you can do to make sure your photos are picture perfect. we'll share the secrets, if you promise to keep it a secret. years ago, my doctor told me
5:21 am
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>> gretchen: 23 minutes after the top of the hour. quick headlines. could jenny rivera have avoided death? it turns out the mexican american singer made a last minute decision to take that deadly plane ride. she was offered a room for the night, but she decided to take off to her next destinati and the show won't be going on at an elementary school in massachusetts. the traditional holiday concert at jordan jackson elementary in mansfield, guess what? it's been canceled. parents complained that last year's performance was too religious. a speech on anti-bullying will take the place of the concert in january. christmas? bullying? hh, i don't see a lot of similarities. but that's what they'll be doing. steve? >> steve: it is. thanks. don't spend hundreds of dollars on professional holiday pictures this year. we're going to show you how you can actually take those same perfect pictures with your own camera. the president of unique photo in new jersey joins us now.
5:25 am
>> great to be here. >> steve: we're going to take a lot of pictures over the next couple of weeks and the average person, whether they got the fancy single lens reflex camera or point and shoot, they put it on automatic and they just take all their pictures. that winds up with a picture like this where it's it's a family action shot, but the girl is a little dark. you can't really see what's going on of the how do we fix that? >> taking pictures, is what we do at unique photo. we really try to get to you work on turning the camera off the automatic mode. get into the manual modes on the camera. in a ticket like that, the camera senses the light in the area and doesn't realize that you really want a picture of the lovely young girl that's there. so what you do is you put the camera in a program mode, rotate the dial. you force the flash to fire in the camera. called fill flash. >> steve: the thing with -- next thing you know, when you look at that, you can actually see the detail on the girl. that's beautiful picture. let's come down to the next one. a lot of people are going to be
5:26 am
playing in the snow, but i have gotten this picture many, many times, shooting the kids, playing in the snow on automatic. it seems everybody is a little blurry. >> yeah. this is one of those things where you want to put the camera in its shutter priority mode because the camera will sense the bright snow and bright light and won't pick a shutter speed which is fast enough. then when the children jump and the snow go up in the air, they blur. so you have to force the shut to go speed faster. you'll shoot at 1,000th of a secretary. >> steve: if i don't know how it do the priority mode, can i go into, in miami camera has icons, i can switch around? >> absolutely. a lot of the cameras today have port trait mode, sports mode, all sorts of things like that. they adjust the cameras really, really well. they coo a pretty good job. >> steve: now, this would be in portrait mode. it is, well, nicely lighted. but it's kind of awkward, isn't it? >> this is a sophisticated picture taking circumstance. we encourage you to -- >> that's holding a glass. maybe not the appropriate dress.
5:27 am
the kid is wearing kind of a nutty hat. >> one of the things you want -- as a photographer, is you want to control your subjects a little bit. you want to make sure that they don't do things that they want to be photographed in 'cause those photographs last forever. i'm not sure that the person in that photograph wants to have a glass in her hand or wants to look like that. the framing of the picture, really affects it. >> steve: this is the kind of picture you would like a portrait to wind up at. there seems to be a different dynamic. what did the photographer tell these people that they didn't tell the others? >> he tried to get the expressions uniform. they're all smiling, they're all dressed the same. he's framed it right. we're not cutting anybody's heads off. so you can see the picture provides a much more happy memory of what's begun on. they don't look so happy in that picture. >> steve: no kidding. meanwhile, if you are like clark griswold, spend 25 days getting ready for christmas, you have all your lights on your house and you take that picture, it's a little dark. it probably should look more like this. how do you get this instead of that?
5:28 am
>> okay. couple of things you need to do this. first of all, you need a timed exposure. one that's longer than what the camera would set up. in this case, the camera focuses on the lights on the house, so it fools the camera into thinking the picture is brighter. so you get a nice canon camera like that and a tri pod. set it up. you set it into that shutter priority mode and you force the shutter to stay open a little longer, it's called dragging the shutter. you'll get a much more composed picture. the shutter speed, you'll play with it a little bit. the other trick in that picture, and this is a really, really good tip, is that this picture is taken sort of, you have your christmas dinner, you go out and feeling good and go out and take a picture of your lights. this is taken right after sundown. >> steve: that's good. that way you can see the blue sky. >> that's correct. >> steve: i know the little point and shoots can be 50, 60 bucks. if you want a nice camera, low end, to take fantastic pictures, how much? >> $700, $800 range, which it allows to you take a variety of pictures. this is a more professional, the
5:29 am
panasonic gh 3, a $1,300 camera. >> steve: oh, boy. unique photos, get the big camera show. >> new jersey, largest camera store. we have an amazing camera show. new jersey camera show, 50 vendors. 40 free classes this weekend. come on down to fairfield, new jersey, we'd love to see you. >> steve: matt, good job. >> thank you. >> steve: thank you very much. meanwhile, smile as you listen to this. next up on the rundown, actor harry belafonte has advice for the president. act more like a dictator. that, plus harry's greatest gaffes straight ahead. what is he talking about this time? work out while you work? how you can burn calories while doing your work in the office or at home watching tv.
5:30 am
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and medications. do not use if you have prostate or breast cancer. serious side effects could include increased risk of prostate cancer; worsening prostate symptoms; decreased sperm count; ankle, feet, or body swelling; enlarged or painful breasts; problems breathing while sleeping; and blood clots in the legs. common side effects include skin redness or irritation where applied, increased red blood cell count, headache, diarrhea, vomiting, and increase in psa. see your doctor, and for a 30-day free trial, go to >> retirement speech yesterday, senator joe lieberman said when he first joined the senate, blackberry was a fruit and tweeting was something birds did. [ laughter ] it's funny. it got annoying when he kept giving more examples for six more hours. going on-line with what he did at the supermarket.
5:34 am
google is what you did when a pretty girl walks by! [ laughter ] >> gretchen: oh, my gosh. >> steve: he didn't stop. he had it going. >> gretchen: there is something about the fruit with the things, when i first got one, my daughter said to me, mama, she said, when you going to put down the blueberry? >> brian: yeah. >> gretchen: she didn't want me to get an iphone. that was a very strong indication that mommy didn't pick up the blueberry very often when at home with kids. >> steve: remember the guy who sang doe. ♪ deo ♪ . >> is that the only song did he? >> steve: that was his big song he lived off ever since. harry, pictured there, stopped by -- who is he with there? stopped by the al sharpton show over on msdnc a couple of days
5:35 am
ago and he was talking a little bit about what the president should do with all those people who on the right, oppose some of his policies. here is what mr. deo said. >> fascinates me is that millions of americans expressing their desire to stiff -- that there should be this lingering infestation of really corrupt people who sit trying to dismantle the wishes of the people, the mandate that has been given to barak obama, and i don't know what more they want. the only thing left for obama to do is to be like a third world dictator and throw these guys in jail. >> steve: throw them in jail. >> brian: if the president gets relie detectorred, he should be able to do whatever he wants. did he feel the same way about george bush when he won bay
5:36 am
wider margin? what about all the democrats that got in his way? should they have been jailed? >> steve: speak of dictators, he's known a few. remember in 2006 he actually went down to visit chavez in venezuela and referred to george w. bush as the biggest tryst in the world. >> brian: that was fantastic. >> gretchen: here is a different quote where he called homeland security the gestapo. citizens are having their rights suspended. you can be arrested and not charged, you can be arrested and have no right to counsel. >> brian: you mean those charges that -- those acts, like the patriot act that president obama left in place? that's the period of america? here he is saying something else. praising a cop killer. listen. >> such is the case with jamal, he is not guilty of the crime for which he has been charged. he did not commit the crimes. he has been charged with.
5:37 am
those who prosecuted him know that. if it's up to us, citizens the world who care about justice to stay the course, to make sure that he is released. >> steve: freedom of speech, harry belafonte. >> gretchen: now to your headline this morning. one of the only living medal of honor recipients recovering from a brutal attack. details on the attack on dakota myer. we know an 18-year-old has been charged with assault. he was award the military highest horn by president obama last year. he's credited with saving the lives of 13 americans and 23 afghan soldiers during a fire fight in 2009. >> steve: she's accused of drunk driving in maine. but sally struthers says she didn't do it. oh, gloria. her lawyer has entered a not guilty plea for her. she was arrested in september in maine where she frequently plays a role in the musical "nine to five." she's scheduled to be back in
5:38 am
court in february. >> brian: i didn't know "nine to five" was playing in maine. a new study finds children born with a c section are more likely to eat fatty foods and become overweight later in life. researchers looked at nine studies of over 200,000 people and found when born by c section, the babies were 33% more likely to become heavy. but they say this doesn't mean that a caesarean caused the babies to gain weight. it's easy on the baby through a c section. >> gretchen: really? >> brian: yeah. easier on the baby. >> gretchen: on the mom, different story. but let's not get into that right now. a jesus look alike tossed out of a sporting event in england. all right. so you see that image there. that's nathan grinnedle being escorted by police.
5:39 am
thousands of people at the professional darts tournament began chanting jesus, jesus! when they saw him. organizers said it was too distracting to the players, so they asked him to leave? maybe he should have stuck around for a little inspiration for the dart throwing. exactly! they could have played this music and maybe they would have done better. >> brian: when jesus does come back, should we greet him with a chant? >> gretchen: you're not going to know. you need to go to confession a few more times before that's going to happen. [ laughter ] >> steve: with a police escort. >> brian: it's dangerous. could cause a riot. >> steve: those darts guys, they've got to concentrate, please. >> brian: please, jesus. enough. >> steve: all right. straight ahead on this friday, just in time for christmas, and the holidays, workers at one of the nation's busiest airports threatening to go on strike. late breaking details that could slow you down as you they had grandma's house. >> gretchen: then no such thing as a private conversation on
5:40 am
some buses because big brother is listening. is that even legal? peter johnson, jr. next. first, shear alisyn with what's on tap for the weekend. hi, you're on the bike? >> you know how much i love working out. >> gretchen: no, you don't. >> and i'm hosting the 9:00 a.m. show today. so i think i'm going to do it from here. kill two birds with one stone. on the weekend, here is what's coming up. a medical test that takes seconds and you can do it right now at home or at work and the outcome will determine how long you'll live. also d is for divorce? sesame street is teaching kids all about divorce. is that a good idea? that's all this weekend starting at 6:00 a.m. eastern. see you then .so as you can see,s customer satisfaction is at 97%.
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5:44 am
>> brian: hundreds of private security workers in new york jfk airport threatening to walk off the job just days before christmas if their demands aren't met. now more with what this could mean for holiday travelers. lydia? >> good morning, brian. exactly right. this strike could happen five days before christmas. 300 workers could go on strike. these private security guards, they are nonunionized workers. right now we still don't know exactly what this could all mean for travelers. they have very important jobs here at jfk airport. they actually control the traffic here in front of the terminals. they also guard alarm doors. so if this could happen, if this does happen, a lot of travelers we spoke to are extremely worried about it. again, they are nonunion workers, but they are being backed by one of the largest unions in the country. for now, that's the latest here
5:45 am
at jfk. brian, back to you. >> brian: thank you very much. gretch? >> gretchen: next time you ride the bus, be careful what you say because big brother may be listening to you on the bus? government officials are installing audio surveillance on public buses across the country, giving them the ability to record any and all conversations. so should public safety trump your right to privacy? ginning -- joining me, peter johnson, jr. why are they doing this? >> i guess there have been crimes on these buss and there have been issues with the bus drivers and some of the unions are saying, listen, you got to protect our bus drivers. what's happening, though, is that your right to privacy, limited as it is in public situations, is going to go out the window in places like san francisco on the trolley cars, durham, eugene, oregon, columbus, hartford, athens, other cities around the country. the d.h.s., department of homeland security, and city and local and state authorities are putting money together to tape
5:46 am
your conversations on buses. >> gretchen: why can't they put up a camera to help us if they're worried about the bus driver? >> you're right. they have cameras. now they're integrating audio. now they're integrating that it can go out on the web to a depot somewhere else, to a police facility, to someone that can listen to your conversation with your children on the bus. you're talking about school, you're talking about going to see a relative, going to see your mother, and all of that stuff becomes part of the ether. >> gretchen: i'm glad you didn't say i was talking to my husband about date night. >> i didn't say that at all. >> gretchen: that might be more private. >> it would be private, but all of that is private. so now we have a situation in this country where yes, there should be some limitations on what goes on in public facilities. we see in airports. we see it in certain cabs where they have cameras.
5:47 am
but now our conversation will be monitored. >> gretchen: is it legal? >> in the end it may be legal. in the end, the government may find a way around the fourth amendment because they're saying, we're giving you warning that we're listening to you. what kind of country is it where we say, it's okay to listen to you because we've told you that we're going to listen to you? how far is the standard being deviated that we're saying, yeah, we can accept that? what do we accept next? in libraries, in doctors' offices? do we accept it in the studios and in the offices of fox news or nbc news? where do we limit this in terms of eavesdropping? and to say, okay, we need to protect our bus drivers. i agree. but at what cost do we do that? is video enough, as you say? >> gretchen: let me ask you this, what kind of warning -- because for example, i'm thinking of drug warnings.
5:48 am
they say them really, really fast at thend of tv commercials or really, really tiny fine print. what kind of warning -- >> there are signs up on these buses that say your conversation is going to be listened to. but should we sit in silence on the bus? the bus, which is the hallmark of civil rights in this country, remember rosa parks? you can go to a museum in dear born, michigan and see that bus, about going to the back of the bus. do we all now sit silently on the bus because we're afraid that our government is listening to our conversations about groceries, about family problems, about date night, about who we're voting for for president, about what we intend to be doing? fine. if there is a terrorist risk, then there is a notch in the law to allow that. but to have americans eavesdropped on on a daily basis going from work to work, to church, from church, that, i
5:49 am
think, is a real, real problem that we've got to grapple with it. the government may find an excuse for it. but i don't find any excuse for it at all. >> gretchen: interesting debate. have a great weekend. >> good to see you. >> gretchen: reached out to the dhs for statement. haven't heard back yet on that story. okay, you want to work out while you work? how can you burn it all off? look at steve and brian. i told you guys my skirt is too tight. first let's check in with bill hemmer. tell bus your special coming up this weekend. >> those guys have miles to go. gretchen, it's the countdown to doomsday. have you heard? the mayan calendar is about to expire. sunday night, 9:00 o'clock, check it out right here on the fox news channel. great stuff from all over the world. see you then. in the meantime, coming up for us in ten minute, american marine being held in mexico. we'll talk to his attorney about the possibility of a release. today is the deadline on a major part of obamacare. what is your state doing? some wonder if we'll ever learn
5:50 am
the truth about libya. i'll explain the latest moves by the administration and what john boehner is doing this weekend might tell us a whole lot about our own future here. see you in ten minutes on "america's newsroom" [ male announcer ] coughequence™ #8. waking the baby. [ coughs ] [ baby crying ] ♪ [ male announcer ] robitussin® liquid formula soothes your throat on contact and the active ingredient relieves your cough. robitussin®. don't suffer the coughequences™. prego?! but i've bought ragu for years. [ thinking ] wonder what other questionable choices i've made? i choose date number 2! whooo! [ sigh of relief ] [ male announcer ] choose taste. choose prego. gives you 1% cash back on all purchases, plus a 50% annual bonus. and everyone...but her likes 50% more cash. but i'm upping my game.
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5:53 am
>> gretchen: welcome back. have you ever used the excuse, i have too much work to work out? thanks to our next guest, the excuses no longer is a good one? >> brian: who is that next guest? i believe it's ryan moore, the ceo and founder of rebo innovation. >> yeah. >> gretchen: he's here to show you how you can work out from the comfort of your own desk. how did you come up with the idea? >> close friend of ours passed away from cancer. we were inspired to join 100-mile, three mountain bicycle challenge. but we needed to train.
5:54 am
we were having a hard time running our business, getting our work done while cycling indoors and training. so we looked for a device that would allow to us mount or computers, but nothing existed, so we made our own. after training for the event exclusively using what we made and riding it, we thought hey, this is a great idea. it really works. >> steve: it really does work. and brian was talking earlier about how when he works out at the gym, he's always reading. but what i've noticed is, and this is great because you've got a laptop here -- is it's often shaky. so it's hard to read. if you come up with this desk thing, foamy and i'm sure nasa helped you develop it, the computer stays absolutely rock steady while you're going as fast as you possibly can. >> right. we designed this so it was a low intensity. had a short throne so it wouldn't shake the computer too much. >> brian: i've been feeling the quads of a lot of the people on our staff, so i said we need to firm up. let's see if we're trying to build some thigh power. go to the news room as well where the workouts are aplenty.
5:55 am
>> gretchen: look, yes. we force our people to sweat while they actually put together the show. actually sometimes they're sweating without working out. >> brian: this thing folds up quick, right? how does it fold up? >> you just push it together and it snaps. just like that. has wheels. you can transport it, move it around. weighs 35 pounds. >> steve: one of the great things is you've got a mileage thing on it so you can figure out at the end of the day how far you've gone. i know you've sold so far, and they sell for $250. you can get them on amazon. you've sold 6,000 so far. has anybody e-mailed you and said okay, today at work i went 179 miles, or what the biggest number is? >> we get a lot of reports of that. people will clock 200, 300 miles over the course of a month. we love to hear that. some people are competing using that. >> brian: i've had in. i stick this on the bike and if it goes over the lip, you have
5:56 am
to be -- have the reflexes of a wide receiver in order to stop it. that's a good job. again, the entrepreneurial spirit mixing with necessity. >> yes. we love to hear the most is when people write us back after they used for a year. they say i'm dealing with my multiple sclerosis or met a weight loss goal. we met a gentleman while studying for his bar exam used this for 90 minute acidy for 12 months and lost 45 pounds and is continuing to meet his goals. >> steve: you know, one of the special things is you've got the softest bike seat ever. a lot of those bike seats are hard and doesn't feel good back there. this is great. it's like a cloud. >> brian: it's a great butt cushion is what you're saying. >> steve: it's like a cloud. >> brian: okay, fine. >> gretchen: i wish i could try it out, but i wore a skirt today. okay. so wait. it's $249? and it's reinnovation. >> it's called the fit desk.
5:57 am
>> gretchen: we'll be right back. >> steve: crew, go faster! fast er! [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. . . tomato basil. potato with bacon. we've got a lotta empty cans. [ male announcer ] hear from our chefs on facebook this friday! and now -- i got a great new way to get deals. it's called bankamerideals, from bank of america. i choose the cash back deals in my mobile or online banking. i just use my bank of america debit or credit card when i pay. and i get as much as 15% cash back -- put into my account. this is cash back on top of other rewards i already get.
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best of all -- it's free. happy holidays. [ male announcer ] introducing bankamerideals, free for online banking customers. sign in to your online banking to choose your deals today. share "not even close." share "you owe me..." share "just right." the share everything plan. sharable data across 10 devices with unlimited talk and text. get a droid razr m by motorola for $49.99.
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